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Nova 840


For US government customers, this product is listed on the GSA Advantage website under contract number GS06-F-0044N.


Nova 840 – Medium-High Volume UV Laser Wire Marker

Introducing a new era in high performance UV solid state laser wire marking systems…

The Nova 840 is the new mid-speed product in the Nova range. It replaces the CAPRIS 50-300ES as the UV laser wire marker of choice for medium to high volume wire marking applications, offering the same productivity with enhanced technical features.

Nova 840 wire markers can be configured either as a manual system with a single powered dereeler for manual wire changeover and set-up; or alternatively as an automated system coupled with a range of new Nova automated wire handling options to maximise the productivity of the system.

The automated Nova 840 includes a completely new and innovative high speed wire Auto Select and Loading (ASL) system and new multi-station dereeling systems. These enable the system to be preloaded with up to 32 wires or cables, reducing the overall set up and wire changeover time to just a few seconds, allowing use of optimum manufacturing methods to maximise productivity.

For more details on available automation options please refer to the Wire Handling & Accessories pages.


Nova 800 Series Attributes

Nova range offers the following key new attributes:

  • Range of performance with models to suit all needs
  • Highest throughput and productivity with Nova 880, especially for longer wire segments and longer character labels
  • Maximum number of wires handled by the automated version (up to 32) allowing rapid set up and processing of more wire types for manufacturing the most complex wiring harnesses
  • Fastest wire changeover with Nova ASL (6 seconds) allows wires to be processed efficiently and automatically and grouped by connector, in place of subsequent manual sorting – facilitates lean manufacturing methods
  • Maximum system reliability and mark quality combined with minimum running costs
  • Upgradeability – Thanks to its modular design Nova systems are fully upgradeable, so as your volumes increase and your business grows so can your Nova system!

Nova 840 Benefits

  • Non aggressive UV laser marking, no insulation damage
  • Ultimate mark performance resists hydraulic fluid, fuel, abrasion (see Laser Wire Marking Technology)
  • No pre or post treatment of wire, identification marks remain clear and legible in service
  • Simple system set-up, optional connection to host database
  • Universal anvil accommodates full range of wire and cable diameters – no set up
  • No day to day consumables
  • Bar code wire marking capability
  • Speeds downstream harness manufacture and reduces errors
  • Simplifies manufacturing, increasing productivity and reducing costs

Nova 840 Standard Features:

  • Fully integrated mark measure and cut system
  • Proprietary 355nm solid state UV YAG laser – Class 1 laser product for use on open shop floor
  • Manual or automated wire loading system
  • 12″ (30 cm) coiling pan
  • Precision character mask with unlimited life & 10 year warranty
  • Highly legible print – ergonomic font complies fully with SAE ARP 5607 “Legibility of Print on Aerospace Wires and Cables”
  • New digital, optical “KSD” (knot and splice detector)
  • Main code with 2 source and 2 destination code marking
  • 4 print sizes in 2 orientations with automatic changeover
  • Processes 28 AWG – 6 AWG wires and cables, from 6″ (15cm) – 3,250 ft (999m)
  • Standard Windows-based Nova operating software and PC
  • Built-in heat management system up to 30ºC (up to 40 ºC is optional)
  • System upgradeable in the field to Nova 840, Nova 860 or Nova 880 standard and/or from manual to automated system configurations

Bar Code Marking

All models in the Nova 800 series are capable of performing bar code marking onto wire and cable, although this is an option.

CAPRIS Bar Code Marking Characteristics

  • Bar code type USS39 (Bar Code 39), full alphanumeric character set
  • Narrow bar width (X): 0.22mm (and inter-character gap)
  • Wide/Narrow ratio (N): 3
  • Maximum data density: 3.0 characters per cm; 7.7 characters per inch
  • Maximum number of characters per bar code: 17*
  • Check sum enabled as default
  • Options for other bar code types available

*: 17 = number of data characters (excluding Start, Stop bit and Checksum character).