Spectrum will be at CWIEME, Berlin 2017

Spectrum will be participating in this year’s CWIEME conference taking place in Berlin, Germany from Tuesday 20th until Thursday 22th June.The event will see representatives from a wide range of global manufacturers from across the automotive, energy, electrical and electronics sectors.

Spectrum will be on hand to demonstrate the benefits of our SIENNA™ 800 Duo System. This machine is capable of fulfilling a number of different end applications, including stripping of enameled magnet wire, flat laminated cables (FLCs) and other products where the insulation is bonded to the conductor; scribing metal shields; marking of metal surfaces and many other applications.

Spectrum’s patented magnet wire stripping process has the capability to offer huge electrical and mechanical advantages to the wire termination process for manufacturers of electric motors and wound components – Its consistency, reliability and throughput potential can offer significant benefits to your manufacturing process.

For further information or to register to attend for free, please visit the CWIEME Website.