20 Years On – CAPRIS 50 UV Laser Wire Marker Still In Use

In 1996 KF Aerospace, formerly Kelowna Flightcraft, based in British Columbia, Canada, purchased CAPRIS 50 UV laser wire marker #003. This was the third in a production run that would extend to 155 units before the introduction of the current CAPRIS 50-100 model wire marking system, which has itself sold over 350 units. Twenty years on and “003” is still operational and going strong in their factory.

The CAPRIS 50 was the first of Spectrum’s 3rd generation UV laser wire markers, but more importantly, it was the first low-cost, compact UV laser wire marker on the market, providing access to UV laser wire marking technology for aircraft MRO operations and low volume manufacturing applications. It was also the world’s first Neodymium (Nd:YAG) solid state UV laser based wire marker offering on-the-fly marking capability.

The system was purchased after KF Aerospace won a contract with the Canadian Department of Defence for an Avionics Update programme for Lockheed T-33 Jet Trainers. At the time of the order CAPRIS 50 serial #003 was still in production, so the wire used for the first aircraft was marked at Spectrum Technologies UK headquarters and sent to KF Aerospace until the new system could be delivered.

Ten years later, in June 2006, KF Aerospace purchased a second system from Spectrum, the CAPRIS 50-300 model laser wire marker.  This allowed KF Aerospace to produce significantly higher volumes of wire whilst still using the CAPRIS 50 as their back up system. Today, the CAPRIS 50-300 system is the main workhorse for KF Aerospace, being used on a daily basis by their production team.

John Meahan, Spectrum Technologies’ International Sales & Marketing Director, said, “We are really proud and pleased that KF Aerospace are still successfully manufacturing with such an iconic product 20 years on. It is a testament to the robust design and manufacturing of Spectrum products and highlights the long term quality performance of the systems.”

Peter Dickinson, Spectrum’s CEO, added “I was personally involved in the sale and visited Kelowna at the time. I am delighted to find that KF Aerospace are still utilising their original CAPRIS 50 unit. Its continued operation underscores the long term support we provide to our customers, wherever they are.”