20 Years on – CAPRIS 50 UV Laser Wire Marker is Still Running Reliably!

 On March 3rd 1997, Alitalia, based in Rome, Italy, purchased a CAPRIS 50 UV laser wire marker. This was the fifteenth in a production run that would extend to 155 units before the introduction of the current CAPRIS 50-100 model wire marking system, which has itself sold over 350 units. Twenty years on and “015” is still operational and going strong in their factory.

The CAPRIS 50 was the first of Spectrum’s 3rd generation UV laser wire markers, but more importantly, it was the first low-cost, compact UV laser wire marker on the market, providing access to UV laser wire marking technology for aircraft MRO operations and low volume manufacturing applications. It was also the world’s first Neodymium (Nd:YAG) solid state UV laser based wire marker offering on-the-fly marking capability.

Since 1989, Spectrum has been the number one supplier of UV laser wire marking equipment, supplying over 950 systems worldwide, including to the biggest names in the commercial and military aerospace market.

John Meahan, Spectrum Technologies International Sales & Marketing Director, said:

“This is a major achievement. It highlights the robust design and quality of the product that we manufacture and the outstanding service support that we provide. We are confident that Alitalia will have continued success with their system”.