Spectrum laser systems are used across a wide range of industries and for many different applications.

Below you will find some examples of situations where our products can be used and if you visit our wire sample gallery you will find photos of a range of wire and cable samples that have been stripped with SIENNA laser wire stripping equipment.

If you have a laser application which isn’t listed on these pages and you would like us to mention it please contact us.

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Wire / Cable Marking

Nova laser and NovaJet ink-jet wire marking systems offer high quality, permanent and highly legible identification of wire and cable.  We have a range of products to meet all throughput requirements, as well as automation accessories to maximize productivity.


Polymer Wire / Cable Stripping

SIENNA Infrared CO2 laser stripping systems, in linear, single or dual axis or rotary beam delivery configurations can strip the majority of wire and cable constructions used in most electronic manufacturing applications.

Wire/Cable Up to 7mm (0.04″) OD*:

Wire/Cable Larger than 7mm (0.04″) OD*:


Automated Laser Strip, Measure & Cut

SIENNA 700 wire strippers can be automated to perform a strip, measure and cut operation.  This is achieved by pairing the fast, non-damaging accuracy of laser stripping, with the convenience and efficiency of a mechanical measure and cut system.


Polymer Wire / Cable Ablation

SIENNA Infrared CO2 laser systems with scanning optics can quickly and cleanly remove programmable, selective areas of polymer materials that are bonded to metal conductors, for example on Flat Laminated Cables (FLCs) and Flat Flexible Cables (FFCs).


Cable Shield Cutting

SIENNA linear dual axis and fixed beam Scriber systems are used to cut the metal shields in micro or pico-coaxial cable assemblies.  The laser will score a line across a solder dipped shield which can then be easily snapped and removed to expose the underlying dielectric.


Fine Wire Stripping

SIENNA 800 FMWS technology is ideal for stripping wire and cable smaller than 30 AWG, down to just a few microns in diameter.  These wires require special handling and are too delicate for mechanical strip processes.


Magnet Wire Stripping / Enamel Ablation

Standard and bespoke designed laser scanning systems for removing enamel and other bonded insulation from magnet wire used in coil windings for batch and in line manufacturing.


Other Laser Marking

Scanning laser systems containing various laser sources for marking and etching onto different materials – polymers and metals.


Composite Processing

Lasers for micro-machining and surface processing of Carbon Fiber and other Composite materials. Please contact us to discuss your requirements for this application or similar.


Quality Assurance

Contrast Measurement technology to measure the contrast of UV laser wire markings to ensure they comply with International Aerospace Industry Standards.

  • Assurance of laser mark quality: CMS2
  • Assurance of laser fluence when laser marking: CAPRIS 50-100QA




*OD = outside diameter