SIENNA 900 magnet wire stripping system selected for use in new VW production line

Spectrum Technologies is pleased to announce that Volkswagen AG is the launch customer for its SIENNA™ 900 laser magnet wire stripping system. The patented technology has been selected by Volkswagen for integration into its new stator production line in Kassel, Germany.

The highly automated state-of-the-art production line has been designed and developed for Volkswagen by Aumann GmbH, specialists in industrial automation and coil winding systems. In light of Volkswagen’s requirements for the highest quality technology for each stage of the line, Aumann approached Spectrum Technologies to supply the enamel stripping system for the magnet wire coils used in the stators for the gear box for the automotive manufacturer’s latest range of electric engines.

The SIENNA 900 was delivered and installed at Volkswagen’s Kassel manufacturing plant in March where Aumann continue to undertake the final commissioning of the overall system. Volkswagen had also previously ordered and taken delivery of a SIENNA 800 Duo laser wire stripping system to support development of their electric motor and the ramp-up of the new production line.

SIENNA 900 is a new modular laser system that employs Spectrum’s innovative, patented laser magnet wire stripping (MWS) technology for the rapid and clean removal of hard enamel insulations from magnet wire used in wound electrical components, such as alternators, motors and transformers.

SIENNA 900 is designed for integration into bespoke production lines for medium- to high- volume manufacturing applications; the system provides a safe, reliable and easy-to-use industrial package, configured to meet customers’ individual applications and throughput requirements.

Spectrum’s MWS technology can process a wide range of materials and wire shapes and sizes, enabling high-speed, accurate and selective stripping of enamel insulation from the magnet wire. Advantageously it also removes the oxide layer leaving the conductor surface ready for electrical bonding without the need for further cleaning but does not cause work hardening. A further benefit is that there are no consumable materials required.

Dr Peter Dickinson, CEO of Spectrum Technologies, said “We are delighted that our new SIENNA 800 and 900 systems have been selected by Volkswagen for this leading edge application. Our innovative laser magnet wire stripping technology and the combination of these systems together provide solutions for the full range of manufacturing applications from low to high volume production and for batch or in line processing of wound magnet wire components.”