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Nova Jet

Nova JetTM Ink Jet Wire Markers

Nova Jet: Introducing a new era in high performance ink jet wire markers… 

Nova Jet is Spectrum’s new ink jet wire mark marker offering mark, measure and cut capability and based on the new Nova laser wire processing system platform.  Nova Jet is designed for high volume, complex wire harness manufacturing applications. Available in manual or fully automated configurations.

Nova Jet offers white ink for marking on black or dark wire and cable, combined with UV cure for enhanced permanence on wire insulations. It has been designed to include the following key features:

  • White ink jet marking for coding black wire and cable;
  • UV cure system for enhanced mark permanence on polymer materials;
  • Manual and automated systems available;
  • Maximum system reliability and mark quality combined with minimum running costs.

Nova Jet is available configured either with a single station dereeler for manual wire changeover and set up or alternatively it may be coupled with a range of new Nova automated wire handling options to maximise the productivity of the system.

    • Maximum number of wires handled by the automated version (up to 32) allowing rapid set up and processing of more wire types for manufacturing the most complex wiring harnesses;
    • Fastest wire changeover with Nova ASL (6 seconds) allows wires to be processed efficiently and automatically and grouped by connector, in place of subsequent manual sorting – facilitates lean manufacturing methods;
    • Upgradeability – Thanks to its modular design Nova Jet ink jet wire markers are upgradeable from manual to automated versions; so as your volumes increase and your business grows so can your Nova Jet system!

Nova Jet Performance

The Nova Jet incorporates a high speed ink jet that maximises wire marking speed and throughput.  A high power UV cure unit provides high speed in-line curing of the inks while minimising the reduction in overall marking speed necessary to achieve the required mark permanence.  Nova Jet operates at speeds up to 60 m/min (200 fpm) with UV curing.