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For US government customers, this product is listed on the GSA Advantage website under contract number GS06-F-0044N.


The world’s favourite UV laser wire marker – over 350 sold in 42 countries!

The CAPRIS 50-100 PCS is the original bench-top laser wire marker having been developed specifically to provide an affordable replacement to hot stamp wire marking, which is considered an aggressive marking process and unsuitable for current thin walled aerospace wires in particular.

The CAPRIS 50-100 PCS is a radical development in UV solid state laser wire marking technology, featuring all the benefits of Spectrum’s market leading CAPRIS laser wire markers packaged into a bench top system.

Designed for the processing of single core wires and multicore cables employed in the aerospace and other key industries, the CAPRIS 50-100 PCS provides mark, measure and cut capabilities for wires from 26 AWG up to 6 AWG.

The system is designed for total simplicity: data is input via the membrane key pad or via the PC and simple, proprietary, windows-based software, and wires are easily loaded for processing; wire changes require no alteration to the wire transport or marking system.

Marking a single character at a time, the CAPRIS 50-100 PCS UV laser wire marker provides maximum print flexibility, allowing for potentially an unlimited number of characters per identification code in both horizontal and vertical print formats.

The system employs solid state laser technology and requires no day to day consumables and only simple routine maintenance. Significant cost benefits are achieved by comparison to the use of direct ink marking methods and sleeve markers, through increased system utilisation and productivity, reduced set up and maintenance times, reduced consumable usage and the availability of production aids, which further increase productivity and reduce labour costs.

CAPRIS 50-100 PCS brings UV laser wire marking equipment costs down to the level of hot stamp wire markers for the first time. In addition the direct wire and cable identification costs are about 1% of those of heat shrink sleeve identification methods.




Typical applications include aircraft maintenance and modification centres, low volume harness production, cellular manufacturing and rework.

  • Non aggressive marking, no insulation damage
  • Complies with SAE AS50881, no need for insulation integrity testing after marking
  • Ultimate mark performance resists hot hydraulic fluid, fuel, abrasion
  • No pre or post treatment of wire, identification marks remain clear and legible in service
  • Highly legible print – ergonomic font complies fully with SAE ARP 5607 “Legibility of Print on Aerospace Wires and Cables”
  • Fully integrated mark measure and cut system, simple system set-up, optional connection to host database
  • Universal anvil accommodates full range of wire and cable diameters – no set up
  • Rapid wire changeover in less than 30 seconds
  • No day to day consumables
  • Speeds downstream harness manufacture, reduces errors
  • Simplifies manufacturing, increasing productivity and reduces costs
  • Low direct operating costs