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Nova 1000

Nova 1000: High Performance, In-Line UV Laser Wire Marker 

The Nova 1000 is a high speed in-line UV laser wire marker designed for printing wire & cable manufacturer identifications onto wire and cable with laser-markable insulation.  The characteristics of this mark is such that it should be distinct from any subsequent laser marking that may be applied by end-users in the process of wire harness manufacture.

Designed for integration into the extrusion line, the Nova 1000 in-line UV laser wire marker does not require the material to undergo any treatment (flame / heat / plasma / irradiated) prior to marking.  Additionally the system can be incorporated into an external re-wind line with suitable Pay-off and Take-up units.

The Nova 1000 system comprises the laser marking module, a floor standing laser cooling system and an industrial PC with bespoke Windows-based software for simple programming.

The software allows the programming of marking zones, including a succession of  numbers, letters  and symbols to create a repetitive mark along the length of the wire or cable. A software option can allow incremental marking as well as the ability to mark logos and images*.

UV laser is the accepted international standard for wire marking within the aerospace industry. It allows marking on a wide range of high performance “non-stick” fluoropolymer wires as well as multi core jacketed cable and some coaxial cables. It can also mark fibre optics.

For information on marking specific wire and cable types please contact Spectrum Technologies.

Benefits of UV laser marking:

  • High legibility mark
  • No pre- or post-treatment of wire
  • Permanent under all known operating conditions, including hot hydraulic fluid, fuel, abrasion
  • Non-aggressive process – does not affect the integrity of the wire
  • Non-contact high-speed marking ‘on-the-fly’
  • Marks single core wires and jacketed multi core cables, screened and unscreened
  • Marks white and some coloured insulations including PTFE (Teflon), ETFE (Tefzel), XLETFE & FEP
  • Variable font sizes matched to wire gauge
  • No day to day consumables & low direct operating costs


 * Please note that marking speeds and throughput can be affected by a number of factors such as font size, font type, number of characters per ident, spacing between idents, type of character / image.
** Optional items subject to charge