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Nova 50-103i

 – Medium Volume UV Laser Wire Marker.

 Introducing-  a new family of faster, more flexible products. 

The Nova 50-103i is the new medium range product in the Nova range. It replaces the Nova 820 system as the UV laser wire marker of choice for medium volume wire marking applications, offering the same productivity with enhanced technical features.

This system offers an increase in productivity compared to the Nova 820 but with the enhanced technical features associated with Nova. The Nova 50-101i is positioned to become the UV laser wire marker of choice for low volume wire marking applications.

The Nova 50-103i UV laser wire marker provides maximum print flexibility.

Nova wire markers comply with all key OEM aerospace specifications and international standards, including SAE AS 5649 and ASD EN4650, “Wire and cable marking process, UV laser”.

Nova 50-103i Benefits

New Nova systems offer the following enhanced technical features:

  • Fully integrated, bench-top wire processing system
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Flexible marking –unlimited range of characters
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain