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Nova 880i

Nova 880i – Super High Speed Laser Wire & Cable Marking & Processing System

Introducing a new era in high performance UV solid state laser wire marking systems…

The Nova 880i is the top-of-the-range Nova system and is the highest speed UV laser wire marking system available on the market with performance better than the Nova 880. The Nova 880i is the UV laser wire marker of choice for ultra-high volume wire marking applications.

Nova 880i wire markers can be configured either as a manual system with single or multistation dereelers for manual wire changeover and set-up; or alternatively as an automated system coupled with a range of new Nova automated wire handling options to maximise the productivity of the system.

The automated Nova 880i includes an innovative high speed wire Auto Select and Loading (ASL) system and multi-station dereeling systems. These enable the system to be preloaded with up to 32 wires or cables, reducing the overall set up and wire changeover time to just a few seconds, allowing use of optimum manufacturing methods to maximise productivity.

Nova wire markers comply with all key OEM aerospace specifications and international standards, including SAE AS 5649 and ASD EN4650, “Wire and cable marking process, UV laser”.

Nova 880i Benefits

New Nova systems offer the following enhanced technical features:

  • Maximum system performance and reliability – the Nova 880i is the fastest, highest performing, laser wire harness processing system in the world! It offers simplified maintenance with longer maintenance intervals.
  • Mark flexibility and quality – these systems offer the ultimate in print flexibility with unlimited character sets, upper and lower case marking, variable font sizes and linear readable code marking.
  • Lowest cost of ownership – the Nova 800i series offers a major improvement in the performance cost ratio and capabilities – the most cost effective products on the market with minimal consumable parts required.
  • Upgradeability – the Nova 800i series are designed on a modular basis and are easily upgradable in the field to provide faster marking and/or fully automated wire handling systems that are able to process up to 32 different wires
  • Highest throughput and productivity – the Nova 800i ASL system provides rapid wire changeover of wires that can be processed efficiently, automatically and then grouped by connector, in place of subsequent manual sorting. System beam setup time is reduced through software providing alignment within a Class 1 environment. Wire processing throughput is significantly increased through a controlled reduction in laser readiness time.
  • Increased capability – the Nova 800i series through a combination of software and hardware design provides the customer with the option of a wide range of capabilities from character marking, system monitoring and performance traceability.

Nova 880i Standard Features:

  • High performance Diode Pumped Solid State UV laser technology
  • Built-in laser power meter
  • Direct write scanning character creation
  • Knot and splice detection system
  • 17” touchscreen monitor
  • Measure and cut capabilities for non-markable wires
  • Manual or automated wire loading system
  • Single powered coiling pan
  • Processes 28 AWG – 6 AWG wires and cables, from 6″ (15cm) – 3,250 ft (999m)