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SIENNA 300 series

The SIENNA 300 Series

The SIENNA 300 series laser wire stripping system is a higher powered version of the 200 series for industrial applications requiring stripping of wire and cable with heavier insulations, and are also ideal for stripping fiberglass and cloth insulations where higher powered lasers are required.

The SIENNA 300 is a compact, bench-top unit dual axis wire stripper enabling complex strip patterns to be completed at any point along the length of the wire or cable. This capability allows the machine to perform a cross-cut and slit operation to aid slug removal and window strips to form terminations in the centre of the wire or cable. The standard scan area is 100 mm x 100 mm (4 inch x 4 inch). The SIENNA 300 also has the flexibility to adapt to a wide variety of wire and cable sizes and shapes with the added ability to strip both common and complex wire insulators.

The systems are easily programmed via the front panel keypads; however a computer software interface is also provided which allows for programming via a PC, thus enabling a large number of wire file programs to be created and stored.

  • Strips various wire configurations such as:
    • Single wire
    • Twin lead
    • Twisted pairs
    • Coaxial
    • Ribbon cables
  • Processes multiple wires or cables simultaneously
  • Laser strips high temperature, hard or soft insulation materials
  • Performs end strips and cross cuts (and windows and patterns with PC controlled dual axis system)

One set of universal tooling to accommodate a popular range of flat and round wire styles is provided with the machines. Multiple wire cables can be stripped through the use of tooling that accepts as many cables as will fit within the field of the beam motion.

Typical patterns that can be programmed are:

  • Crosscuts
  • Slits
  • Windows
  • Rasters

Windows are the removal of a section of insulation from a single wire or a group of wires anywhere along it’s length. They can be sized and placed to encompass one or more wires, and can also remove the insulation between wires.

The SIENNA 300 series wire strippers are available with flexible options for laser powers of 25 or 50 Watts to meet the requirements for varying process rates and differing production requirements.


Air Extraction


To comply with health and safety requirements, air exhaust must be provided when using any laser wire stripper. If this is not available in your factory, Spectrum’s ACS-5 systems remove all smoke, odours, particles and fumes from the laser stripping area and return clean air to the room

If you are unsure which SIENNA system is best suited to your application we would be very happy to process your samples in our lab and make recommendations. Alternatively please contact us at to discuss your requirement.


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