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SIENNA 700 series

The SIENNA™ 700 Series

SIENNA 700 is Spectrum’s top of the range series of laser wire strippers designed for high speed, high precision insulation removal for high tech and complex fine wire & cable assemblies, such as stripping medical wire and cable assemblies.  The SIENNA 700 series is also suitable for other high-specification and precision-critical electrical items.

New features of the SIENNA 700 series are as follows:

  • Five times faster processing than previous models – up to 250 mm/sec (10″/sec)
  • Improved accuracy:
    Strip position accuracy: +/-0.1mm (0.004″)
    Slide accuracy: +/-0.025mm (0.001″)
  • Touch screen interface for easier programming
  • USB job upload/download from laptop/PC
  • Larger job store – over 100 jobs
  • Password protection access at different levels
  • Simple to set-up and maintain
  • Optional bar code job selection
  • Optional networking
  • Software option for interpolated movement for performing complex shaped strip areas – curves and diagonals
  • More customizable: choice of laser power, axis configuration and optical movement depending on application
  • Special front end tooling where necessary

The 700 series is available is the following configurations as standard:
(Letters in brackets denotes the model name)

  • 25 Watt dual axis (SIENNA 725D) or with Automated Wire Handling kit (SIENNA 725 AWH)
  • 50 Watt dual axis (SIENNA 750D) or with Automated Wire Handling kit (SIENNA 750 AWH)
  • 20 Watt shield scriber with x-y axes movement (SIENNA 720 SRD)


Air Extraction


To comply with health and safety requirements, air exhaust must be provided when using any laser wire stripper. If this is not available in your factory, Spectrum’s ACS-5 systems remove all smoke, odours, particles and fumes from the laser stripping area and return clean air to the room

If you are unsure which SIENNA system is best suited to your application we would be very happy to process your samples in our lab and make recommendations. Alternatively please contact us at to discuss your requirement.


SIENNA™ is a trademark of Spectrum Technologies