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SIENNA™ AWH – “Automated Wire Handling”

SIENNA wire strippers can be configured for automated wire handling where they can be able to perform a strip, measure and cut operation.  This is achieved by pairing the fast, non-damaging accuracy of laser stripping with the convenience and efficiency of a mechanical measure and cut system.

Automated Wire Handling systems are configured from any SIENNA 700 series laser wire stripper, in combination with a suitable commercial wire handling system and a controlled dereeling mechanism.

The resulting integrated bench-top system can feed wire automatically through the laser stripper from a reel and then measure and cut it to length. Using this method jobs can be automatically processed as batches via the SIENNA system controller.





For higher levels of automation, our products are also available to systems integrators who may need to incorporate them into more complex automation systems.

Air Extraction


To comply with health and safety requirements, air exhaust must be provided when using any laser wire stripper. If this is not available in your factory, Spectrum’s ACS-5 will remove all smoke, odors, particles and fumes from the laser stripping area and return clean air to the room.

If you are unsure which SIENNA system is best suited to your application we would be very happy to process your samples in our lab and make recommendations. Alternatively please contact us at to discuss your requirement.


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