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SIENNA 900 Modular Magnet Wire Stripping System

SIENNA 900 is a modular laser-based magnet wire stripping units designed for complete integrated into medium to high volume production lines, new or existing, manufacturing wound components and other products using enamel insulated magnet wire.

The SIENNA 900 system is configured to meet customers’ individual applications and throughput requirements, all integrated in a safe, robust industrial package.

Precise control of the laser parameters allows for the resulting surface finish to be of the highest quality and tailored to specifically to your electrical termination process. This results in higher yield, lower cost and increased product reliability.


Benefits of Laser Magnet Wire Stripping

  • Selective, clean, non-contact process
  • No consumable parts like with brush or blade methods
  • No risk of product contamination from insulation debris
  • No safety implications
  • Conductor surface is left completely clean
  • Conductor surface is also left oxide-free
  • Optimum electrical termination can be achieved through precise control of resulting surface texture




Spectrum Technology’s MWS technology is already used in the automotive industry, having been integrated into high volume production lines used in the manufacture of magnetic coil windings for alternators and starter motor stators.

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