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Sample Processing

At Spectrum Technologies we understand that investment in capital equipment is a big decision and you want to be sure you are buying the right product.

To help put your mind at rest we offer a free of charge, no obligation sample processing service to ensure that the solution we offer you will deliver the results you require.

Stage 1 – Definition of Process Requirements

You send us your samples along with clear details of how they should be processed, e.g. strip lengths & positions, process time expectations, marking ident, mark spacing, volume requirements, etc.

Stage 2 – Lab Processing

We will process your sample in our laser applications lab, or on the Spectrum product you request they be processed, keeping to your process requirements as best we can.

Stage 3 – Report & Return

Once the samples are processed, we write a detailed report explaining exactly what we did to the samples and how, finishing with a recommendation of the Spectrum product best suited to fulfill your application requirements.  We then return the completed samples to you, with a copy of the report, for you to inspect.

Stage 4 – Evaluation & Control

On reception of the processed samples you are free to evaluate and test them as you wish.  This may then result in you asking for more samples to be processed with a modification to the process parameters.

Stage 5 – Handover

Once you are happy with the samples produced and the Spectrum system[s] recommended for you, we will organise for a formal equipment quotation to be sent to you.