Introducing…the NEW Nova 800i Series

Spectrum Technologies Ltd, world leader in laser wire & cable processing technology, is delighted to announce the launch of the new, improved, reengineered and updated Nova 800i Series UV laser wire marking systems.

Spectrum Technologies are the world leader in the design and manufacture of specialised industrial laser systems for wire and cable processing applications.  Since 1989, Spectrum has been the number one supplier of UV laser wire marking equipment, supplying over 950 systems worldwide, including to the biggest names in the commercial and military aerospace manufacturing world.

The Nova 800i series is an innovative, state-of-the-art family of laser wire processing systems. The 6th generation of Spectrum’s laser wire markers incorporate the latest leading edge technologies. They are the fastest laser wire markers on the market, exceeding the throughput performance of the Nova 800 series, which for 8 years has been used by all of the major aerospace companies for production for both commercial and military programmes worldwide.

The Nova 800i’s innovative design surpasses the old mask based marking process. It features an integrated galvanometric laser scanning system; wire marking is offered with the flexibility, adaptability and throughput never previously seen on an industrial laser wire marking system. The scanner-based direct write marking method can effortlessly mark the full range of alpha numeric characters, various international alphabets, standard barcode marks and logos. The Nova 800i marking method offers significantly improved throughput.

The system is easily configured for either basic manual wire load or automated wire loading options. The automated systems benefit from the proven Nova wire Auto-Select and Load (ASL) unit, coupled with a range of Nova multistation dereelers which together can handle up to 32 separate reels of wire and cable; this is the highest number possible with any system available on the market.

The Nova 880i is the highest speed wire marker developed to date by Spectrum with performance greater than even the benchmark Nova 880, which has been the highest speed marker available to the aerospace industry to date.

Dr Peter Dickinson, Chairman and CEO said: “We are delighted to introduce this new range of Nova wire marker products. We believe they will offer customers a range of new and valuable benefits, from enhanced throughput and productivity, enhanced cost/performance ratios, to simplified maintenance and overall lower running costs. These new products have been introduced to meet the demand for higher productivity and lower costs to meet the needs of industry across the board. We are committed to maintain our position as the global market leader and have invested significant sums in developing these new products. We are continuing to invest heavily in R&D and plan on introducing further important new products across the range of wire and cable applications over the next 24 months.”