Volkswagen AG orders second Sienna 900 laser system to boost production of hybrid electric vehicle motors

Spectrum Technologies is pleased to announce a repeat order for a second SIENNA 900 magnet wire stripping (MWS) system for delivery to Volkswagen AG (VW), the World’s largest car manufacturer, at their plant in Kassel, Germany. This system will be used to support the ramp up in production of VW’s hybrid electric vehicle engines following the installation of the first SIENNA 900 system at Volkswagen in March 2014.

 The SIENNA 900 was originally selected for integration with a new automated manufacturing line, provided by Aumann GmbH, producing electric motors for the VW Golf GTE and Audi A3 e-tron hybrid electric vehicles. Volkswagen chose Spectrum’s proprietary laser technology as it provides the highest quality means of stripping enamel wires. The first system has met all its targets and this order for the second machine highlights its exemplary performance.

 The SIENNA 900 is a modular laser system that employs Spectrum’s innovative, patented laser MWS technology for the rapid and clean removal of hard enamel insulations from magnet wire used in wound electrical components, such as alternators, motors and transformers.

SIENNA 900 is designed for integration into bespoke production lines for medium to high volume manufacturing applications. The system provides a safe, reliable and easy-to-use industrial package, configured to meet customers’ individual applications and throughput requirements.

Spectrum’s MWS technology can process a wide range of materials and wire shapes and sizes, enabling high-speed, accurate and selective stripping of enamel insulation from the magnet wire. The SIENNA 900’s key feature is its ability to provide the highest quality stripping (skinning) of the enamel layer without damaging the underlying copper or generating metallic conducting debris, which is a key issue with mechanical stripping methods. Additionally it removes the oxide layer and exposes the conductor’s surface ready for electrical bonding without causing damaging or work hardening. The system has no consumable components and features its own integrated extraction system, allowing for flexible positioning and ease of integration.

Dr Peter Dickinson, CEO of Spectrum Technologies, said “The first system installed with Volkswagen has performed superbly in this demanding leading edge application and has proven itself in a real production environment. We are delighted that Volkswagen, the world’s biggest vehicle manufacturer, has now decided to order a second SIENNA 900 system to support the planned ramp up of their hybrid engines during the coming year; and look forward to a continuing relationship with them as they increase their hybrid engine production further in the future. I am also pleased to note that we are also now seeing strong interest for this technology from other key manufacturers of automotive components.”