Spectrum Technologies pioneered the use of UV laser wire marking in the late 1980s as the safest possible method of identifying aircraft wire and cable. The process is now accepted as the global industry standard and Spectrum is the world market leader in this field. Nova is Spectrum’s 5th generation marker and the market leading system used by key air-frame manufacturers and their subcontractors.

Other applications within this sector include laser wire stripping of large gauge power and signal cables, laser part marking and laser etching microwave arrays for reflectors on communication satellite antennas.


Spectrum’s UV laser wire marking systems are also used to identify wire and cable in military ground vehicles as well as for military aircraft.

There are also a number of laser wire stripping applications in the defence sector with SIENNA systems in use at electronic defence systems manufacturers for stripping high temperature, Kapton insulated and other specialist cable assemblies.


SIENNA systems are widely used for high volume, precision laser stripping of fine wires and micro-coax ribbon cables found in consumer electronics, including mobile phones, digital cameras, tablets, MP3 players, PC interconnect cables, as well as for stripping of enamelled magnet wire found in motors and transformer coils for power electronics.


Nova laser wire markers are being used by major rail car OEMs to identify wiring in new rail cars.

SIENNA systems can be used to strip rail vehicle wiring, large diameter trackside cabling and signal cables.


Our SIENNA systems are used to strip automotive airbag wiring, vehicle battery cables and handbrake cables.

Our magnet wire stripping (MWS) technology is installed in major automotive companies for stripping stator coils on production lines for electric motors and alternators.

Medical Devices

Medical devices contain very delicate wires with exacting process requirements where laser is often the only solution. Our SIENNA laser wire strippers are routinely used for stripping wires for medical devices such as ultrasound probes, hearing aids, implants, and intravascular devices.  We have also supplied laser systems for dental research for drilling teeth.

Telecoms and Data

Closely tied with electronics, there are some special, complex cables used specifically for high speed data transfer where laser stripping is the easiest and most effective method of stripping, such as for InfiniBand™ and fibre optic cables.