Air exhaust, if not available on site, can be provided by the separate self-contained ACS-5 air cleaning system. Fume exhaust is mandatory for the use of a laser wire stripper and a minimum of 2.8 CMM (100 CFM) is recommended for all systems.

The ACS-5 will remove smoke and debris from the laser stripping area, filter it and return clean air to the room. It is a small compact unit that can be located anywhere near the SIENNA system and contains a replaceable multistage filter which removes:

  • Particulates
  • Smoke
  • Odours
  • Halogens and toxic gases

Spectrum Technologies Machine in Silvernmn


Spectrum Technologies Machine in Silvernmn
Machine in Silver

Technical Specifications

North America:
Model No. AD350-PC 115V
P No. L0541A
Flow rate: 235cfm
Dimensions (inches): H 23.6, W 14.9, D 14.9
Finish: Powder Coated/mild steel (PC)
Electrical 115V 1ph (60Hz), FLC = 2.5A
Contaminated Air Inlet size: 3 inches

EU & Rest of World:
Model No. AD350-PC 230V
P No. L05412
Flow rate: 400m3/h
Dimensions (mm): H 600, W 380, D 380
Finish: Powder Coated/mild steel (PC)
Electrical 230V 1ph (50Hz), FLC = 1.9A
Contaminated Air Inlet size: 75mm

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