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Laser Wire Strippers

SIENNA™ Laser Wire Strippers:

Damage-Free, High-Quality Wire Stripping

No Blades – No Nicks – No Damage

Spectrum Technologies’ SIENNA laser wire strippers offer cost-effective, high-quality damage-free stripping of hi-tech wire and cable constructions used in the most demanding manufacturing applications, including medical electronics, aerospace, consumer electronics and automotive.

Spectrum offers a range of SIENNA laser wire stripper products designed to deal with different wire types and manufacturing requirements, and developed to meet the requirements of a wide range of electrical manufacturing applications.

Each SIENNA family has different process capabilities and speeds, offering flexibility for differing production requirements and strip applications.

Providing the optimum laser wire solutions- whatever your application- from the original developers of laser wire stripping technology.

  • SIENNA 200 series – Entry-level, linear laser wire strippers for general purpose wire stripping.  Available in single axis (x or y), dual axis (x-y), or fixed beam configurations.
  • SIENNA 300 series – A higher power version of the SIENNA 200 series with higher laser powers for penetrating tougher insulation types.  Available in single or dual axis configurations.
  • SIENNA 500 series – Rotary laser wire strippers enabling complete 360 degree stripping on larger gauge wire and cable.
  • SIENNA 700 series – High speed, high precision linear laser wire strippers, particularly suited for processing finer wire and cables where absolutely no damage and high precision is critical. Also available with scriber lasers for cutting the metal shields found on coaxial cables.  Can also be integrated with wire measure and cut systems to enable automated wire cut, measure and laser-strip operations.
  • SIENNA 800 series – High speed scanning laser systems for the ablation of a range of materials.  Well suited to wire and cable where the insulation is bonded to the conductor.  Configurations available for laser stripping magnet wire.
  • SIENNA 900 series – Modular magnet wire stripping systems for integration into motor production lines or with coil winding equipment.



If you are unsure which SIENNA system is best suited to your application we would be very happy to process your samples in our lab and make recommendations. Alternatively please contact us at to discuss your requirement.

For a more detailed discussion of laser wire stripping; including its development and the wire types with which it may be used, please see our Laser Wire Stripping Technology page.


SIENNA™ is a trademark of Spectrum Technologies PLC