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Magnet Wire Strippers

Spectrum Technologies has developed a novel laser process that completely and cleanly removes the various coatings found on enamelled wires.

The MWS process is the cleanest, highest quality and most repeatable method of removing insulation coatings from the majority of magnet wire types.

SIENNA MWS technology is already used in the automotive industry, having been integrated into high volume production lines used in the manufacture of magnetic coil windings for alternators and starter motor stators.

Differing from the traditional laser stripping process, our magnet wire stripping process the laser energy is not directly absorbed by the insulation but rapidly heats the conductor surface resulting in the formation of a high-temperature plasma at the interface between the conductor and the enamel insulation.

Following breakage of the bond between the enamel and the conductor the enamel coating is blasted away from the metal at high speed and disintegrates into small fragments. Use of an air blade and/or exhaust system enables these fragments to be removed from the process area for subsequent disposal.

Unlike with thermal methods, the SIENNA MWS leaves no remaining layer of insulation which can affect subsequent processing, and there is no mess and no consumable parts as would be the case when using chemical or wire brush methods.

A further key benefit of our laser process is that it also simultaneously strips any oxide layer from the underlying conductor, leaving it in the ideal condition for subsequent electrical bonding via soldering, welding or other processes.

The laser process offers substantial operational and productivity benefits over alternative mechanical, chemical and hot wire thermal techniques.

Precise control of the laser strip location, size and depth, minimises the possibility of end product defects. This results in higher yield, lower cost and increased product reliability. SIENNA MWS technology can be embodied in a stand-alone item or integrated into new or existing production lines. We will be pleased to review your particular application and can offer either our standard MWS system or a customised solution as required.